Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Documentaries in Education, is an non-profit initiative meant for the dissemination of documentary films and video programmes, produced by independent filmmakers as well as media institutions in India, for the purpose of education, information, and enrichment.

We procure and archive new or old films from independent filmmakers and institutions to curate them into thematic packages, and then find individual and institutional users (in India as well as abroad) to showcase these films. The word ‘Education’ doesn’t imply only the text-bookish type of films or TV programmes that are produced specifically for curricula in institutions. Any non-fiction film (and even fiction, in some cases), that informs, engages, or simply tells a story that is relevant for social change, enrichment and development, would be used. Even though they would be our main target, but the audience doesn’t have to be specifically school or university students. Even housewives or factory workers could be shown these films. The bigger aim is to provide a context and discussion around films to appreciate them their subjects better. For this purpose, the filmmaker too would be invited to present his/her film, as much as possible.